How can I know an AP's working mode


An AP can work in Fit or Fat mode. After logging in to an AP, run the display version command to view the AP model and working mode.

For an AP that supports only one mode, you can identify its working mode through its model.

- APs that support only the Fat mode: AP9130DN

-- APs that support only the Fit mode: AP2010DN, AP2030DN, AP6310SN, AP7110SN, AP7030DE, AP9330DN, R230D, R240D, and AP4030DN-E

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AP online process
AP online process: 1. The AP obtains a static IP address or obtains a dynamic IP address using DHCP. 2. The AP sets up a CAPWAP tunnel with the AC. 3. The AC controls AP access. a. The AP sends a Join Request packet carrying the SN and version of the AP model. b. The AC determines whether the MAC address or SN is in the blacklist. c. The AC determines the AP authentication mode. MAC address authentication: checks whether the AP is added offline. If not, check whether it is in the whitelist. If not, add the AP to the unauthenticated-AP list manually. SN authentication: involves the same process as MAC address authentication. Non-authentication: performs no action. d. The AP goes online. Other APs that fail to meet the requirements cannot go online. e. The AC sends a Join Response packet carrying the AC version. 4. AP version check (automatic upgrade if the AP version is different from the AC version.) -Automatic upgrade (AC/FTP/SFTP mode) must be configured on the AC. 5. After obtaining the configuration from the AC, the AP starts service forwarding.

How can I view the working mode of a board that supports switchover of the working mode
Run the display workmode command in any view to view the board working mode of a specified slot or all slots.

How can I know whether an AP has obtained an IP address
If the address pool for APs is configured on an AC, run the display ip pool name ip-pool-name used command on the AC. If the command output displays an AP's MAC address and a corresponding IP address, the AP has obtained an IP address. We can also run the following command to make sure IP address. - V200R005 and earlier versions: display ap-run-info id ap-id - V200R006 and later versions: display ap all

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