What should I do if an error message is displayed when a patch is installed on a WLAN device


If a patch fails to be installed due to various reasons and needs to be removed, run the patch delete all command to delete the patch, and check whether the patch is correct or compatible with the current software version.

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Method for handling errors that occur on VMs during VNC login
VNC provides a quick maintenance method for VMs. When an error occurs, you can either handle it yourself or seek help. When you enter the VNC window, you may see a black screen or one or more error messages. However, these do not prevent you from using the VM. You only need to type Ctrl+Alt+Del to log in to the VM and use it.

What is a patch of a WLAN device
A patch is a kind of software compatible with the system software. It is used to remove some critical bugs from system software. Patch classification: - Hot patch Hot patches do not interrupt running services of a WLAN device and can repair software defects of the current system without restarting the device. - Cold patch Cold patches repair software defects of the current system only after a device restart. SPH indicates a hot patch, while SPC indicates a cold patch. The patch file uses .pat as the file name extension.

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