Mapping between AC and AP versions


The C version of an AC and its managed APs must be the same. Otherwise, the following problems may occur:

1. After the display ap-type command is executed on the AC, AP models are not displayed. Taking AC version V200R003C00 and AP model AP5030DN as an example: The AP5030DN is newly released in V200R005C00, so the AP model cannot be checked on the AC and therefore cannot be managed.

2. If the status of the AP is displayed as ver-mismatch on the AC, the AC version does not match the AP version. Taking AC version V200R005C00 and AP version V200R003C00 as an example, the AC version is later than the AP version, causing version mismatch. To upgrade the AP version, see the appropriate upgrade guide.

Other related questions:
How to upgrade the AP version on an AC
Only Fit APs support version upgrade on the AC. Perform the following operations to upgrade a single AP on an AC: 1. Obtain the AP software package from Huawei official website, and upload it to the server. // In AC mode, upload the AP software package to an AC; in FTP or SFTP mode, upload the AP software package to an FTP or SFTP server. 2. Run the display ap all command on the AC to view information about the AP to be upgraded. 3. Run the ap-update load ap-id 1 update-filename FitAP6X10XN_V200R005C10.bin command in the WLAN view of the AC to upgrade the AP version. 4. Wait for the system to report the upgrade result. After the AP upgrade is complete, the upgrade result is displayed on the AC. 5. Run the ap-update reset ap-id 1 command in the WLAN view of the AC to reset the AP. For more information, see the upgrade guide in the appropriate version of a Fit AP model.

What is the mapping between the SMC2.0 and MCU versions?
To obtain the mapping between the SMC2.0 and MCU versions, perform the following operations: 1. Log in to Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website. 2. Search for SMC2.0. 3. Select the version number to obtain the corresponding release notes. 4. Check the corresponding product description chapter in the release notes.

Dose the AR used as the AC support V2R5 AP
AR routers of V200R00R6C10 and later versions support the AP of V200R005C10. AR routers of V200R003 and V200R005 support the AP of V200R002C00.

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