Downloading software packages for WLAN devices

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Method of downloading the web package of a WLAN device
Method of downloading the web package of a WLAN device: To obtain the web file, log in to Huawei's support website (, download the corresponding web file according to the product model and version. The file name is in the format of "product name+software version.web file". The web file of the WLAN device is also integrated into the system software package and does not need to be loaded separately. You can directly run the HTTP service. By default, the device loads the web file included in the system software package.

Where can I download the software of TE40, TE50, and TE60?
Download the software of TE40, TE50, and TE60 at the following link: Versions and patches of TE series HD video conference endpoints

Function of the MD5 package when system software packages are downloaded on CE series switches
When system software packages are downloaded on CE series switches, the MD5 package has the following function: Software packages may be tampered or damaged during transmission, posing risks on carrier network security. To prevent network security risks, the integrity of obtained system packages needs to be checked. An MD5 checker can be used for integrity check. Use an MD5 checker to check the integrity of a software package as follows: 1. Download an MD5 checker from the Internet and run it. 2. Open the software package to be checked. MD5 code will be automatically generated. 3. Check whether the generated MD5 code is the same as that provided in the version file.

TP3106-70&TP3206-55 control software
HUAWEI TP3106-70 provides an Android-based touch panel for conference control. For details, see: Downloading TP3106-70 Software

Paths for obtaining the AccessClient software package
You can obtain the FusionAccess software packages in the following ways: 1. Visit , find the FusionAccess software package, and download it. 2. Visit the Huawei FusionCloud Information Self-Service Platform at . This website provides hyperlinks to the FusionAccess software packages. 3. Contact the project coordinator via WeChat, email, or phone. 4. Obtain further help using the contact information provided on Huawei's cloud computing forum. 5. Call the 400 hotline for help.

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