Method of downloading the web package of a WLAN device


Method of downloading the web package of a WLAN device:
To obtain the web file, log in to Huawei's support website (, download the corresponding web file according to the product model and version. The file name is in the format of "product name+software version.web file".
The web file of the WLAN device is also integrated into the system software package and does not need to be loaded separately. You can directly run the HTTP service. By default, the device loads the web file included in the system software package.

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Downloading software packages for WLAN devices
Method used to download the CT3000 upgrade package
You can download the CT3000 upgrade package as follows: 1. Confirm the current version of the FusionCloud desktop solution, such as FusionCloud Desktop Solution V100R005C20. 2. Visit Huawei Support website and find the specific version mapping based on the version number. Detailed path: Learn About Products > Release Notes > Version Mapping at

Downloading patch files for WLAN devices
To download a patch file of a WLAN device, perform the following operations: 1. Visit 2. Click Software Download. Under By Product, click WLAN. 3. Select a WLAN device model. 4. Select the latest patch file ending with SPHxxx, and download the related patch release notes and patch installation guide.

Upgrading the permission for the WLAN documentation download
The specified permission is required for downloading software versions, patches, and upgrade guides of WLAN devices. In normal cases, the permission is approved in one workday. For urgent use, you can turn to Huawei agents who will download the required documents for you, or send an email to for follow-up.

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