Function of WLAN upgrade assistant package


An upgrade assistant package is used when a Fat AP is switched to a Fit AP, and applies only to versions earlier than V200R003C02.

You can download the upgrade assistant package in the specified software version.

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TP-Assist function license
1. TP-Assist Basic Function License -- Basics (1) License name: TP-Assist basic function fee (2) License function: determines whether a subrack supports the basic functions of TP-Assist. (3) License applicable object: physical subrack (by equipment type) (4) License applicable object unit: Equipment of the MS-OTN I, MS-OTN II, and MS-OTN III types Each subrack needs one corresponding license. (5) One such license is required by each subrack for which TP-Assist is enabled.

Downloading software packages for WLAN devices
How can I upload the TE Desktop upgrade package on the SMC2.0?
To upload the TE Desktop upgrade package on the SMC2.0: Copy the TE Desktop installation package to the SMC2.0 installation directory and change the installation package name based on the following rules. The default directory path is .\Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd\SMC 2.0\Package\TE, and the operations need to be performed on directories corresponding to the active and standby nodes in the cluster. Windows operating system: MAC operating system:

Functions provided by Huawei Storage Networking Assistant
Functions provided by Huawei Storage Networking Assistant include: Huawei Storage Product Networking Assistant is a web tool that provides typical networking modes of storage products with different configurations. Users can quickly obtain networking diagrams and complete networking connections without memorizing complex networking rules. In addition, users can customize networking diagrams based on the site conditions to meet their requirements.

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