Why do APs not load the system software package after a batch upgrade


Locate the problem as follows:

1. Verify that the system software packages stored in active and standby partitions of the flash memory are different from the system software package to be loaded.

2. In FTP or SFTP upgrade mode, check whether the file name and path are correct.

Other related questions:
After APs successfully load the system software package in batches using FTP, why do they reset repeatedly and load the system software package again
The fault occurs due to a version ID mismatch. To rectify the fault, change the version ID in the AP upgrade file name to the same as the version ID in the AP upgrade file.

Whether a rollback can be performed after the software package is loaded during an upgrade of the OSN 6800
You can roll back after loading the software package to the NE. If distribution is complete and the software is to be activated, rollback cannot be performed.

Why do many APs report failures when they are upgraded in batches in FTP mode
The FTP server limits the number of connected users. When the number of users exceeds the threshold, new link requests are denied or APs fail to log in to the FTP server, which leads to an upgrade failure.

How do I view the system software package of an AR
Run the dir command in the user view to display information about files and directories in the storage medium. The file with the file extension .cc is the system software package.

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