How to check whether the AP has obtained an IP address?


Log in to the AP and check: display ap-address-info

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How can I know whether an AP has obtained an IP address
If the address pool for APs is configured on an AC, run the display ip pool name ip-pool-name used command on the AC. If the command output displays an AP's MAC address and a corresponding IP address, the AP has obtained an IP address. We can also run the following command to make sure IP address. - V200R005 and earlier versions: display ap-run-info id ap-id - V200R006 and later versions: display ap all

How to check whether the AP is a Fit or Fat AP?
Log in to the AC and check: system-view [Huawei] diagnose [Huawei-diagnose] display image //Check AP status.

How to check whether the AP model is supported by the AC?
Apply this command in user view: display ap-type all If the AP model is not in the above list, it is not supported by the AC.

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