Which passive components are commonly used


Antennas, feeders, splitters, combiners, and couplers.

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Common WLAN components
Common WLAN components include the following: - Power splitter: splits one channel of signals into two or more channels with equal power. - Coupler: divides a signal on an input port into uneven signals on two output ports. - Attenuator/Load: reduces the amplitude or power of a signal to make the input signal to reach a secure or an ideal level. The load is a special attenuator with unlimited attenuation. The load connects to the unused output radio port, preventing radio interference. - Combiner: combines radio signals of multiple systems and distributes receive signals over one channel to ports of each system without interference. Combiners are classified into single-band combiners and multiple-channel combiners. - Connector: N-type and SMA connector - Protection components: surge protector, outdoor optical fiber tube, ground cable, and waterproof tape

Components on which HBase depends
HBase depends on HDFS, ZooKeeper, and Yarn.

USG6000 series equipment IPSec commonly used authentication algorithm
GRE can be used to encapsulate multicast messages into unicast packets, but it can not encrypt messages

CRUs and FRUs of OceanStor V3 unified storage systems
You can obtain the lists of customer replacement units (CRUs) and field replaceable units (FRUs) of OceanStor V3 storage systems from the following link: CRUs and FRUs .

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