Does BT download occupy high bandwidth and reduce WLAN efficiency


Currently, no evidence shows that the BT service reduces WLAN air interface efficiency. However, if BT users exist on the WLAN, other users feel that the network quality decreases. This is because air interface bandwidth is occupied by BT users. Therefore, user experience is poor on the WLAN with BT users.

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WLAN channel bandwidth
WLAN channel bandwidth. The channel bandwidth in HT20 mode is 20 MHz, and the channel bandwidth in HT40 mode is 40 MHz. Two neighboring 20 MHz channels are bundled to form a 40 MHz channel. One channel functions as the main channel, and the other as the auxiliary channel. The main channel sends Beacon packets and data packets, and the auxiliary channel sends other packets. When the HT40 mode is used in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, there is only one non-overlapping channel. Therefore, HT40 is not recommended in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. During channel bundling of two neighboring 20 MHz channels, if the center frequency of the auxiliary 20 MHz channel is lower than that of the main channel, plus is marked; otherwise, minus is marked. For example, 149plus indicates that the 20 MHz channel where the center frequency 149 resides and the 20 MHz channel where the center frequency 153 resides are bundled to form a 40 MHz channel. For 802.11ac, you can also configure 80 MHz and 160 MHz channels.

Does an online 802.11b/g STA affect the rate of another online 802.11n STA
Yes. 802.11b/g STAs have a low rate and occupy the air interface for a longer time when forwarding the same traffic as 802.11n STAs. This lowers the rate of an online 802.11n STA.

Paths for downloading the bandwidth calculation document
You can obtain the bandwidth calculation document in the following ways: 1. Contact the project coordinator via WeChat, email, or phone. 2. Post your request on Huawei's cloud computing forum ( 3. Contact Huawei technical support by dialing the 400 hotline.

Downloading software packages for WLAN devices
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