Why did STAs fail to search 802.11n signals after the AP is enabled with 802.11n


This is because the IEEE 802.11n draft protocol does not support a high throughput rate of the WEP or TKIP unicast ciphers. If a STA uses the WEP or WPA-TKIP encryption mode, the data transmission rate will decrease to 54 Mbit/s. In WEP or TKIP mode, if the STA uses the 802.11b/g/n NIC to associate with APs, it can only be associated with 802.11g APs. As a result, the displayed signal transmission rate is 54 Mbit/s but not the 802.11n rate. This is restricted by the IEEE 802.11 standard.

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Why does a STA still receive 802.11b/g signals after 802.11n is enabled on an AP
According to IEEE 802.11n drafts, data cannot be transmitted at a full rate when passwords are unicast in WEP or TKIP encryption mode. If these encryption modes (such as WEP and WPA-TKIP) are used, the maximum data transmission rate is only 54 Mbit/s. Similarly, in TKIP or WEP encryption mode, an 802.11 b/g/n NIC can only associate with an AP in 802.11g mode. Therefore, the signal rate is 54 Mbit/s instead of the rate in the 802.11n protocol.

Why does a STA fail to associate with an AP when WEP and TKIP encryption is configured in 802.11n mode
The 802.11n does not define the WEP or TKIP encryption mode. When the two encryption modes are used, STAs may fail to associate with the AP.

Does an online 802.11b/g STA affect the rate of another online 802.11n STA
Yes. 802.11b/g STAs have a low rate and occupy the air interface for a longer time when forwarding the same traffic as 802.11n STAs. This lowers the rate of an online 802.11n STA.

Why does a STA fail to discover the SSID of an AP when the AP software version is correct and has correct WLAN configuration
1. The SSID hiding function is enabled using the ssid-hide command in the service set view. In this case, run the undo ssid-hide command in the service set view to disable the SSID hiding function. 2. When the device functions as an AC, you can run the display ap-run-info command to check whether the AP works properly.

Can 802.11n devices work only in 802.11n mode? Can 802.11n devices work in 802.11bg mode
802.11n devices can work in multiple modes including 802.11bg mode.

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