Does Huawei provide a comprehensive solution for managing APs of different manufacturers


Different manufacturers use different management interfaces between APs and ACs. Currently, Huawei does not provide a solution to make the management interfaces compatible with each other.

Other related questions:
E2E service management solution provided by Huawei WDM products
Huawei WDM products use diversified ITU-T G.709-compliant OTN overheads to achieve transparent transmission of client services, and provide the forward error correction (FEC) capability. During network runtime, WDM products work with the NMS to implement E2E service monitoring and management, facilitating fault diagnosis.

Can a Huawei AC manage non-Huawei APs
Currently, Huawei ACs cannot manage non-Huawei APs.

Can Huawei APs providing the WDS function be interconnected to non-Huawei devices
In WDS networking, Huawei APs cannot be interconnected to non-Huawei devices.

Do all Huawei APs support Mesh functions
Starting from V200R003C00, all Huawei APs support the Mesh function except the AD9430DN-24 (including the mapping RRUs), AD9430DN-12 (including the mapping RRUs), AP7030DE, AP9330DN, AP6310SN-GN, AP2030DN and AP2010DN.

Does an outdoor AP provide a console port
The AP6510DN, AP6610DN, or AT815SN provides a built-in console port, which is used only for maintenance. The console port login is as secure as Telnet login. To ensure an effective water-proof effect, you are not advised to disassemble an AP.

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