OptiX OSN 6800


The OptiX OSN 6800 intelligent optical transport platform (OptiX OSN 6800 for short) is a new-generation intelligent optical transport platform of Huawei. The OptiX OSN 6800 is a future-oriented product developed to address the trend towards IP-based long-haul backbone networks. It provides dynamic optical scheduling and flexible electrical scheduling. It features high integration and reliability, and supports multi-service transmission. OptiX OSN 6800 is applicable to longhaul backbone networks, regional backbone networks, local networks, the metro convergence layer, and the metro core layer.

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Licenses for OptiX OSN 6800
A license granted by Huawei permits a customer to use the licensed product within a specific use scope and for a specific duration. The customer can also obtain the services committed by Huawei. When the IEEE 1588v2 or ASON feature is configured, valid feature licenses on the NE must have been obtained.

Methods for modifying the port working mode of OptiX OSN 6800 and OptiX OSN 1800
If the queried configuration service type is GE (GFP-T), the working mode does not need to be configured, and switches at both ends must be in the same working mode.

Whether an OptiX OSN 8800 subrack can function as a slave subrack of an OptiX OSN 6800 subrack
Yes, it can function as a slave subrack of an OptiX OSN 6800 subrack.

Maximum operating temperature supported by OptiX OSN 6800
There is no specific temperature after which the equipment will operate abnormally. Generally, it is recommended that the long-term operating temperature be within the range of 5°C to 45°C and the short-term operating temperature be within the range of -5°C to +55°C. Short-term operation indicates continuous operation for less than 96 hours or operation for less than 15 days in a year.

Methods for removing and reinserting the fan on an OptiX OSN 6800
Remove two screws and then remove the fan. The offline time should not exceed 3 minutes.

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