Relationship between the IP address and ID of an OTN NE


The ID of an OTN NE is unique in the entire network. When the NE is configured as the gateway NE, the NE uses the IP address for TCP/IP communication with the NMS. For other communications between NEs, the device uses the DCC communication with other devices, and the ID is the only identifier.

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Relationship between the node ID of an ASON NE and an NE ID
Relationship between the node ID of an ASON NE and an NE ID: The node ID of an NE must be different from the IP address of an NE and must be unique on the entire network. The node ID is independent of the NE ID and NE IP address.

The relationship between ASON NE'S NODE ID and ne's id
Ne's NODEID is different to ne's ip address ,and uniqueness in network and so the only.NODEID, ne's id and ne's ip address is independent of each other.

Changing NE IDs and IP addresses
ECC protocol identifies NEs by NE ID. The U2000 also identifies NEs by NE ID and uses NE ID as a keyword for search. A unique NE ID must be assigned for each NE during network planning. NE ID conflicts cause ECC route collision, which will result in unreachability of some NEs. In a commissioning or expansion process, you can change NE IDs using the U2000 if required when the original network plan is modified.

Relationship between a secondary IP address and an OSPF IP address
They are actually the same address. A secondary address is usually referred to as an OSFP IP address on the NMS.

Whether the IP address of a WDM NE varies according to the NE ID
If the IP address of an NE is not changed before you change the NE ID, the IP address of the NE varies according to the NE ID. The association between the NE ID and IP address will be automatically released once you manually change the NE IP address. In other words, the NE IP address will not vary according to the NE ID after the NE IP address is manually changed.

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