Method used to handle OLP port protection status being displayed as out of the management domain


When the ID of an NE is changed, you need to delete the existing protection group, and create a protection group after you change the NE ID.

Other related questions:
Method used to handle the error message (error code 38754) displayed upon a failure to query the OLP status on the port protection window
This issue is caused by a board hardware fault. When this occurs, replace the board.

Method used to query the working status of an OLP protection group on the OSN 8800
On the U2000, select an NE. In the NE Explorer, choose Configuration > Port Protection from the navigation tree. Query the values of Working Channel Status and Protection Channel Status.

How can I display local management domains on the SC?
To display local management domains on the SC, perform the following operations: 1. Run the display command to go to the display view. 2. Run the local-domain command to display all local management domains. For details, see HUAWEI SMC2.0 V500R002C00 SC Command Reference Guide.

Whether the working and protection channels must be fixed when the OLP board is used to configure OLP protection
When the OLP board is used to configure OLP protection, the working channel must be the optical port 1 (RI1/TO1) of the OLP board and the protection channel must be set to optical port 2 (RI2/TO2). Otherwise, the OLP protection group cannot work normally.

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