Reason for locking an account during NE creation


The possible cause is that the account is used by multiple users to log in to NEs, and as a result the account is locked. You can wait 15 minutes for the account to be unlocked.

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Administrator account creation on the CLI of the USG6000 series
For USG6000 V100R001, you can create an administrator account as follows: 1. Run the aaa command to enter the AAA view. 2. Run the manager-user abc command to create the administrator account abc and enter the administrator view. 3. In the administrator view, run the level 3 command to set the administrator level to 3. 4. Run the service-type { api | { ftp | ssh | telnet | terminal | web } * } command to set the administrator's service type. 5. Run the password cipher xxxx command to set an administrator password.

What can I do if a message is displayed, indicating that the user account is locked, during the login to an IPC?
A user account is locked if the number of consecutive incorrect password inputs exceeds the maximum. You can log in to the IPC again using the correct password 5 minutes later. For details, see the User Guide.

The reason why IAD port is locked
Possible causes of port locking 1.Analog phone line without telephone 2.Long time did not hang up 3.The lines and power lines (such as the PC power line interference so near)

What Should I Do If the Account Is Locked?

Your account will be locked if you enter an incorrect password consecutively. If this happens, contact the administrator to unlock the account.

BMC (iMana) user lockout
If a user account is locked, wait 5 to 11 minutes. The user account will be unlocked automatically.

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