Functions and features of VA4


The VA4 board is a variable optical attenuator (VOA) board that is used to adjust the optical power of four channels of signals.
Each pair of IN/OUT optical ports on the VA4 board can receive and transmit one optical signal that requires optical power adjustment.

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Insertion loss of the VA4 board
The insertion loss of the IN-OUT port on the VA4 board is 1.5 dB.

What functions does the VP9000 series MCU support?
Refer to the product description of the matching version to view the VP9000 series MCU features and functions. 1. Visit 2. Choose Support > Telepresence and Videoconferencing > MCU model. 3. Select a specific model and version. 4. View the product description of the mapping version in the product documentation.

Function and feature of OSN1500 AUX
1. manage interface : provide OAN/F&f interface ,support x.25 protocol. Provide 10M/100M NMS interface . 2 clock interface : provide 2 BITS input interfaces and 2 output interfaces ,resistance 120 3. alarm switch interface : provide 3 alarm input and 1 alamr output interface 4. internal communication: implemetation communication between boards 5. power backup and check : observer 2 seperate -48V power ,also monitor over-voltage (-72v) and low -voltage (-38.4)

Functions and features of OceanStor ReplicationDirector
OceanStor ReplicationDirector (current major version: V100R003C10) supports the following functions and features: 1. Protection for objects of different types 2. Automatic application awareness 3. Automatic storage awareness 4. Automatic virtual machine awareness 5. Rights- and domain-based management 6. Policy-driven automatic disaster recovery protection 7. Unified multi-site disaster recovery management 8. Unified management of the disaster recovery data center solution (active-passive mode), disaster recovery data center solution (active-active mode), and disaster recovery data center solution (geo-redundant mode), and high-availability solution 9. End-to-end disaster recovery visualization 10. Centralized management of recovery plans 11. One-click disaster recovery testing 12. One-click service switchover 13. One-click reprotection 14. Disaster recovery report statistics 15. Local protection and recovery 16. Disaster recovery alarm monitoring 17. Disaster recovery process visualization 18. Health status display on the home page 19. Northbound interfaces 12. Integration

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