Whether a 10G optical module can be used on the TOM board to transmit 2.5G services


The TOM board supports optical modules at a maximum rate of 2.5G. It does not support 10G optical modules.

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Whether TOM boards can transmit 2.5G services
TOM boards can transmit 2.5G services but one TOM board can transmit a maximum of four channels of 2.5G services.

Whether the TOM board supports 10G services
The TOM board can receive services at the maximum rate of OTU1. It cannot receive services at the 10G rate.

Receive optical power range of 2.5G optical ports on TOM boards
Conversion between SNCP protection types is not allowed. You need to convert the SNCP service into a common service, and convert the common service into the desired type of SNCP service.

Whether the 2.125G multi-rate optical module on the TOM board supports FE services
Yes, it does.

Modulation formats used by 10G boards such as LOG
The modulation formats used by 10G boards include NRZ, RZ, and ODB, depending on the optical modules that are used on the boards.

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