Cooperation between ST2 and SFIU


An SFIU board multiplexes the main path signals and OSC signals into a single communications channel, and demultiplexes these signals. The OSC board that can work with the SFIU board can only be ST2.
The SFIU board sends OSC signals to the ST2 board through the OSC1 optical port and receives OSC signals from the ST2 board through the OSC2 optical port.

Other related questions:
Whether an NE equipped with SFIU+ST2 be interconnected with an NE equipped with FIU+SC2
No, they cannot. An NE equipped with SFIU+ST2 can be interconnected only with an NE that has the same configuration.

Difference between the LINE1 and LINE2 ports of the SFIU board
The LINE1 port of the SFIU board transmits main optical path signals as well as OSC signals, but the LINE2 port transmits only main optical path signals.

How does Miner cooperate with SAS?
In actual applications, Miner and SAS are in supplementation relationship, where Miner is a strong bolster for SAS. In terms of structure, Miner can interconnect with SAS. Advantages of Miner: 1. Supports massive data computing with high performance 2. Supports scenario-related data mining algorithms Disadvantages of Miner: The deployment is complex, so the enterprise personnel need to have certain technical skills. Advantages of SAS: Mature data mining solution Disadvantages of SAS: 1. High CPU cost 2. Limited local data processing capability. Only 100 GB or smaller amounts of data can be processed.

Functions of the SFIU board
The SFIU board is an optical multiplexing and demultiplexing unit. It multiplexes and demultiplexes signals transmitted over the main optical channel and OSC, avoiding commissioning and compensation for IEEE 1588v2 signals.

Whether SFIU can work with SC2
No, SFIU cannot work with SC2. The OSC board that can work with the SFIU board must be ST2.

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