Whether TN14LSX can be configured as TN12LSX


The TN14LSX board can be created as 12LSX on the NMS to substitute for the TN12LSX board without any software upgrade. After the substitution, the TN14LSX board provides only the functions of the TN12LSX board, and the TN14LSX board supports only bit transparent mapping (11.1G) for 10GE LAN services.
The board whose receiver type is PIN and the board whose receiver type is APD cannot substitute for each other because they have different receive optical power ranges.

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Whether TN11LSX and TN12LSX can be interconnected with TN53NQ2
TN53NQ2 can function as the regeneration board for TN11LSX and TN12LSX.To implement the interconnection, the FEC mode of TN53NQ2 must be set to FEC.

Whether the TN12LSX and TN13LSX boards can be interconnected with each other
The TN12LSX board supports FEC or AFEC while the TN13LSX board supports FEC or AFEC-2. The TN12LSX board in AFEC mode cannot be interconnected with the TN13LSX board in AFEC-2 mode. The two boards can be interconnected only when the FEC types of the boards are both set to FEC. Alternatively, if the FEC working status of the board is disabled, the board can also be interconnected.

Whether TN53NQ2 can function as the regeneration board for TN11LSX, TN12LSX, and TN13LSX
When TN53NQ2 functions as a regeneration board, its Board Mode needs to be set to Electrical Relay Mode (in an OSN 8800 platform subrack or OSN 8800 UPS subrack) or Optical Relay Mode (in a subrack of another type). TN53NQ2 can be interconnected with TN13LSX. When TN53NQ2 is interconnected with a TN12LSX or TN11LSX board, its FEC Mode must be set to FEC.

Do ACs support Portal authentication
Portal authentication, also called web authentication, is classified into internal and external Portal authentication. Both ACs and Fat APs support Portal authentication.

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