Function of the intelligent electric ammeter on the TN16PIU board


The intelligent electric ammeter detects the power consumption of the entire subrack in real time, and reports the detected value to the system control board so that the value can be displayed on the NMS.

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Automatic fiber monitoring function of WDM devices
The TN12ST2 board can implement the fiber detection function.

Functions of the intelligent acceleration module in SmartDedupe&SmartCompression
SmartDedupe&SmartCompression occupy CPU resources that are not used by other applications to compute fingerprint information, compress data, and decompress data. Therefore, if deduplication and compression are performed on more LUNs simultaneously, the impact on system performance is greater. After the intelligent acceleration module is installed, you can transfer the related operations to hardware to release system resources. It is recommended that you contact Huawei technical support to determine whether to install the intelligent acceleration module.

Whether the NPO2E board supports electrical monitoring
Yes, the NPO2E board supports electrical monitoring.

LPT function not supported by GE electrical ports
The LPT function is a feature of optical ports. No GE electrical port supports the LPT function, which is determined by the LPT function specifications and is irrelevant to products.

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