Difference between GFP-T and TTT-GMP encapsulation formats of the TOA board


In the GFP-T encapsulation format, client equipment connected to the TOA boards does not perform negotiation with the TOA boards. Instead, client equipment at two ends negotiates with each other directly. In the TTT-GMP encapsulation format, client equipment performs negotiation with the TOA boards.

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Difference between TTT-GMP and GFP-T
TTT-GMP and GFP-T are two encapsulation modes of GE services. They are different in physical clock synchronization modes and transcoding modes. GFP-T implements timing transparent transcoding (TTT). TTT-GMP complies with ITU-T G.709, and implements asynchronous transcoding.

Difference between GFP-T and GMP-PPP encapsulation modes on the TOA board
In the GFP-T encapsulation mode, the client-side port does not perform negotiation with the TOA boards. Instead, client devices at two ends negotiate with each other directly. In the GMP-PPP encapsulation mode, the client-side device performs negotiation with the TOA boards.

Advantages of the TTT-GMP and GFP-T encapsulation modes for GE services
The TTT-GMP encapsulation mode can better support synchronous Ethernet, and GFP-T can transparently transmit data packets with low latency.

Major difference between GE (GFP-T) and GE (GFP-F) encapsulation modes at the client side of the TOM board
GE (GFP-F) can detect and respond to negotiation packets of the Ethernet working mode. It supports autonegotiation. GE (GFP-T), like an optical fiber, implements negotiation of the Ethernet working mode between the data devices interconnected with the TOM boards.

Difference between GFP-F and GFP-T
GFP (an encapsulation protocol) defines two client signal adaptation modes: Frame-Mapped GFP (GFP-F): GFP-F is a PDU-oriented processing mode. It encapsulates the entire PDU into the GFP payload area and makes no modification on the encapsulated data. It determines whether to add a detection area for the payload area, depending on requirements. Transparent GFP (GFP-T): GFP-T is a block-code (8B/10B code block) oriented processing mode. It extracts a single character from the received data block and maps the character into the fixed-length GFP frame.

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