850 nm optical module on the LOA board


It is multi-mode.

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850 nm optical module on the LOA board
It is multi-mode.

Whether the 850 nm optical module on the LOA/LDX board is single-mode or multi-mode

LOA board configuration
The LOA board can be applied in five scenarios depending on the port working mode. You need to manually configure each application scenario on the NMS on a per-NE basis.

Numbering of the optical ports on the TOM board on the NMS
For all tributary boards, the logical ports are numbered starting from 3. In other words, the optical port numbers displayed on the NMS start from 3. Numbers 1 and 2 are reserved for WDM-side ports.

Whether the optical module on a TOA board is pluggable
The optical modules on TOA boards are pluggable and support multiple rates.

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