Identifiers TN53NQ201 and TN5M3NQ201 of a TN53NQ2 board


One TN53NQ2 board has two identifiers. TN53NQ201 indicates the pure board without any optical module, while TN5M3NQ201 indicates the complete board equipped with an optical module.

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Constraints on loopbacks of the TN53NQ2 board
A loopback on the TN53NQ2 board can apply only to service granularities received from the backplane side. For example, ODU0 granularities received from the backplane side can be looped back, but ODU1 granularities multiplexed from ODU0 granularities cannot be looped back on the TN53NQ2 board.

Whether the TN52NS2 board can function as the regeneration board of the TN53NQ2 board
The WDM-side signals of the TN52NQ2, TN53NQ2, TN54NQ2, or TN57NQ2 board can be regenerated using the TN12ND2, TN52ND2, TN53ND2, TN57ND2, TN55NO2, TN55NH2, TN53NQ2, TN54NQ2, or TN57NQ2 board.

Whether the TN53NQ2 board supports the WDM-side loopback
The TN53NQ2 board supports the WDM-side loopback only when ODU2 or ODU2e signals are received on the backplane side.

Methods for identifying board wavelengths according to barcodes of the wavelength conversion boards
For the feature code of a fixed-wavelength OTU board, the first 1 to 5 digits represents the wavelength. For example, 19300 indicates that the wavelength of a board is 193.00 THz.

Whether TN53NQ2 can function as the regeneration board for TN11LSX, TN12LSX, and TN13LSX
When TN53NQ2 functions as a regeneration board, its Board Mode needs to be set to Electrical Relay Mode (in an OSN 8800 platform subrack or OSN 8800 UPS subrack) or Optical Relay Mode (in a subrack of another type). TN53NQ2 can be interconnected with TN13LSX. When TN53NQ2 is interconnected with a TN12LSX or TN11LSX board, its FEC Mode must be set to FEC.

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