Services received by the TN53TDX board


TN53TDX is a tributary board that can receive two channels of 10GE LAN, 10GE WAN, STM-64, OC-192, OTU2, OTU2e, FC800, or FC1200 services.

Other related questions:
Whether an LQM board can receive GE services
Yes, an LQM board can receive GE services.

Whether the TOM board supports 10G services
The TOM board can receive services at the maximum rate of OTU1. It cannot receive services at the 10G rate.

Boards that can receive 10GE WAN services
The following boards can receive 10GE WAN services: LDX, LEM24, LEX4, LSX, LTX, TDX, THX, TOX, TQX, and TTX.

Requirement for a WDM board to receive STM-4 services and service boards supporting STM-4 services
To receive STM-4 services, the WDM board must support STM-4 services. The following service boards support STM-4 services: LDM, LQM, TOA, THA, TOM, TQM, and LOA.

Types of services received on the client side of the TOG board
The type of the client-side service on the TOG board is GE Ethernet, and the service rate is 1.25 Gbit/s.

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