PIU backup rule of an OSN 9800 U64 subrack


PIU boards in an OSN 9800 U64 subrack are configured as follows:
PIU boards on the front and rear sides (installed back-to-back) are in mutual backup. For example, PIU boards in the IU100 and IU121 slots are in mutual backup, and PIU boards in IU101 and IU120 slots are in mutual backup.

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Cabinets for installing OptiX OSN 9800 U64 subracks
The OptiX OSN 9800 U64 subrack is integrated in a cabinet, which has the same dimensions as an N66B cabinet. It cannot be installed in other cabinets.

Differences of the dimensions between OptiX OSN 9800 U64 and U32 subracks
The U64 subrack is integrated in a cabinet and is as high as an N66B cabinet. The U32 subrack is an independent subrack and is as high as the U64 subrack after being installed in a cabinet. The U64 subrack has a depth of 600 mm and has the front and rear panels, while the U32 subrack has a depth of 300 mm and has only the front panel.

Number of PIUs needed on OSN 9800
OSN 9800 U64 needs 20 PIUs, and OSN 9800 U32 needs 10 PIUs.

Power supply requirements of the OSN 9800 U64/U32
PIU boards are used to supply power to the OSN 9800 U64/U32. Rated current: The current for the PIU boards can be flexibly configured based on the external power supplies. Nominal operating voltage: �?8 V DC or �?0 V DC Operating voltage range: �?8 V DC: �?0 V to �?7.6 V �?0 V DC: �?8 V to �?2 V

Power supply requirements for OSN 9800 U16 subracks
Each U16 subrack requires 4 x 63 A power supplies.

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