Whether the circuit breaker of the power box at the top of the OSN 6800 can be separately replaced


The circuit breaker of the power box cannot be separately replaced. If it is faulty, you need to replace the entire power box.

Other related questions:
Requirement for circuit breakers used between the power boxes and end of suites (EOSs)
The required circuit breakers vary according to subrack and board configurations inside a cabinet and need to be selected according to practical conditions.

Whether it is feasible to replace OBU in the OSN 6800 with OAU
OAU boards have greater gain than OBU boards. Replacing OBU with OAU will increase the line gain. Large gain, however, will introduce noises. Therefore, the replacement is not recommended. You are advised to use Huawei professional WDM network optimization service to evaluate the entire network performance before determining a replacement solution.

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