Method used to query the alarm reversion setting of a board


In the NE Explorer, click the desired board. Choose Alarm > Alarm Reversion. Then the related alarm reversion setting is displayed.

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Methods used to set the suppression for OTN NE alarms and query the alarms using command lines
The query command is as follows: alm-cfg-get-monstate: alarm name, 0xff,0,0,'''' For example, by running the alm-cfg-get-monstate:R_LOS,0xff,0,0,''' command, you can query the states of all ports that can report the R_LOS alarm on an NE. The query result is enable or disable. The setting command is as follows: :alm-cfg-set-monstate: alarm name, disable/enable,0xff,0,0,'''' For example, by running the alm-cfg-set-monstate: R_LOS,disable,0xff,0,0,'''' command, you can suppress all the NE ports that report the R_LOS alarm.

Method used to query the gain of an OA board
In the NE Explorer of the U2000, choose Configuration > WDM Interface. Then query or set the value of the Nominal Gain parameter.

Method used to query board manufacturer information
You can view the board manufacturer information in the board manufacturer information report on the NMS.

Method used to query board power consumption on the U2000
On the U2000, choose Configuration > NE Batch Configuration > Power Management from the main menu. Then, click the Board Power tab to query the nominal power consumption and the current power consumption of the board. The nominal power consumption of a board is a fixed value and has been calibrated in board software. The current power consumption of a board is the actual power consumed during board operation. The value is calculated based on the actual voltage and current.

Method used to set the threshold for the MAC_FCS_EXC alarm
The procedure for setting the MAC_FCS_EXC threshold is as follows: In the NE Explorer, select a board that supports the MAC_FCS_EXC alarm, and choose Configuration > Interface Management > Ethernet Interface from the navigation tree. On the Advanced Attributes tab, you can set EXC Threshold for Packet Loss at Port.

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