Method used to determine whether optical fiber connections are correct between a router and a WDM board on the client-side of WDM equipment


Disable the ALS function for the client-side laser of the WDM board and enable the laser to forcibly emit light. If the optical port on the router receives optical signals, the optical fiber in the transmit direction is correctly connected.
Stop the router from emitting light. If the WDM board reports an R_LOS alarm, the optical fiber in the receive direction is correctly connected.

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Method used to calculate the optical cable attenuation between WDM equipment
The attenuation of an optical cable between WDM equipment can be calculated using the following formula: Optical cable attenuation = Difference between the transmit optical power of one OA board and the receive optical power of the peer OA board �?(Insertion loss of the two FIU boards in the middle + Attenuation of the optical attenuator)

Method used to identify whether the WDM-side optical module of the ND2 board in OptiX OSN 8800 is wavelength tunable
The board with "T" included in the BOM code is wavelength-tunable.

Whether 100G WDM equipment can use the OTDR to detect fiber cuts
If the user has not logged in to the device, check whether the line OTDR breakpoint detection function is enabled for the 100G systems of the OSN 9600 and OSN 8800. The OSN 8800 is used as an example here. The OSN 8800 supports the fiber doctor (FD) since V100R009. This function requires the TN12ST2 and TN13FIU boards, and U2000 license, and MDS 6630. The U2000 license supports the control item of this function.

Whether the TN53NQ2 board supports the WDM-side loopback
The TN53NQ2 board supports the WDM-side loopback only when ODU2 or ODU2e signals are received on the backplane side.

Configuration of alarm information for incorrect optical fiber connections on WDM products
On OTN devices, the OTS-layer TTI bytes can be set on FIU boards to support incorrect connection detection for an OTS section. When incorrect connections are detected, OSC boards report alarms. This function is disabled by default. You can manually enable the function and set the TTI bytes. 1. Enable the OTS_TIM alarm monitoring function. 2. Configure the TTI bytes on both ends of the OTS section. When the OTS optical fiber connection is abnormal, the OTS_TIM alarm will be reported.

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