Cause why IPA is automatically enabled after being disabled


The possible causes of the IPA function abnormality are as follows:
1. The IPA protection group does not have a detection board. When only auxiliary detection boards are configured, all the auxiliary detection boards report an alarm triggering IPA.
2. One or more IPA function parameters are incorrectly set.
If the issue persists after you exclude the preceding causes, disable the IPA function by setting the IPA Status parameter to Disabled in the IPA Management window on the NMS. In the WDM Interface window of the corresponding board, confirm that Laser Status of the transmit optical port of Laser Control Board is set to On .

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The TE Mobile is automatically deregistered after being shut down
The TE Mobile is automatically deregistered after being shut down. After the TE Mobile is shut down, it goes offline only from the SC. If the TE Mobile is started again, it can still be used. Different from the VC100, the TE Mobile does not have an activated software license. In this case, the TE Mobile is similar to other apps on mobile phones.

Setting auto-start for a server
On the iMana or iBMC WebUI, you can enable a server to start automatically after the PSUs are powered. For V2 servers, see For V3 servers, see

Is the TE Mobile automatically deregistered after being powered off?
After being powered off, the TE Mobile is deregistered and becomes offline in the SC. When the TE Mobile is powered on and started again, the TE Mobile can still be used and registered. Similar to VC100, the TE Mobile does not have a software activation license. The TE Mobile functions like an app on a common mobile phone.

Why is service (such as voice) interrupted after being configured with NAT or firewall
The aging time of session table is shorter than the aging time of the service. The session table is aged out, while the service is not. The service packets sent after session table aging are discarded, so the service is interrupted. Run the firewall-nat session aging-time command to increase the TCP/UDP timeout interval.

How to disable wireless signals of a WLAN device
To save energy or ensure security, run the following commands to disable AP radios or WLAN services: 1. Disable a specified radio. - For AC+Fit AP networking V200R005: [AC6605] wlan [AC6605-wlan-view] ap 0 radio 0 [AC6605-wlan-radio-0/0] undo radio enable For V200R006: [AC6605] wlan [AC6605-wlan-view] ap-id 1 [AC6605-wlan-ap-1] radio 0 [AC6605-wlan-radio-1/0] radio disable Warning: This action may cause service interruption. Continue?[Y/N]y - For Fat APs V200R005: [Huawei] interface wlan-radio 0/0/0 [Huawei-Wlan-Radio0/0/0] undo radio enable For V200R006: [Huawei] interface wlan-radio 0/0/0 [Huawei-Wlan-Radio0/0/0] radio disable Warning: This action may cause service interruption. Continue?[Y/N]y 2. Prevent users from accessing the WLAN in the specified time range. For V200R005: [AC6605] wlan [AC6605-wlan-view] auto-off service ess service-set id 0 start-time 01:00:00 end-time 07:00:00 //Disable the service set with ID 0 from 1:00:00 to 7:00:00. For V200R006: [HUAWEI]wlan [HUAWEI-wlan-view]vap-profile name vap1 [HUAWEI-wlan-vap-prof-vap1]auto-off service start-time 1:00:00 end-time 7:00:00 //Disable a VAP from 1:00:00 to 7:00:00. 3. Disable an AP radio in a scheduled time using the auto-off service radio command (V200R005). For AC+Fit AP networking: [AC6605] wlan [AC6605-wlan-view] auto-off service radio ap-id 0 radio-id 0 start-time 1:00:00 end-time 7:00:00 //Disable radios 0 of AP 0 from 1:00:00 to 7:00:00. For Fat APs: [Huawei] wlan [Huawei-wlan-view] auto-off service radio interface wlan-radio0/0/0 start-time 1:00:00 end-time 7:00:00 //Disable AP interface wlan-radio0/0/0 from 1:00:00 to 7:00:00.

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