Method used to test GE services provisioned when the OSN 8800 TOA board is interconnected with the OSN 1800 ELOM board


The TOA board supports Ethernet test frames for GE services but does not support the PRBS function for GE services. The ELOM board, in the contrary, does not support GE test frames. Therefore, you can only test the GE services by performing a loopback test with testers connected, or determine the GE service status by querying alarms and SNCP service path status.

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Board mode selection for an ELOM board on OSN 1800 when GE services are enabled for the board
In the NE Explorer, select the F2ELOM(STND) board. In the navigation tree, choose Configuration > Working Mode, and set Board Working Mode to 1*AP8 general mode.

Working mode setting for an ELOM board to receive GE services on OSN 1800
1 x AP8 ODU0 non-aggregation mode can be selected.

Whether the ELOM board on OSN 1800 supports 2.5G signals
The ELOM board on OSN 1800 supports 2.5G signals.

Whether the OSN 8800 TOA board can receive eight 2.5G services
The TOA board can perform mutual conversion between eight ODU1 electrical signals and eight optical signals at rates ranging from 1.49 Gbit/s to 2.67 Gbit/s.

Whether a TDX board on an OSN 8800 supports GE services
A TDX board on an OSN 8800 does not support GE services.

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