Cause why the LTX board can be selected during cross-connection configuration


The mapping inside the LTX board is fixed, and therefore no cross-connection needs to be configured.

Other related questions:
ODU1 cross-connections failing to be created on the TN52TOM board of OSN 6800 where no cross-connection is configured
The TN52TOM board does not support distributed ODU1 cross-connections.

Cause for the failure to create ODU1 cross-connections on TN52TOM boards on OSN 6800 (without cross-connect boards)
The TN52TOM board does not support distributed ODU1 cross-connections.

Cross-connection mode that the system preferentially selects when both the distributed cross-connection and centralized cross-connection are supported
The system preferentially uses the distributed cross-connection.

Cross-connect capability of the TN16UXCM board
The TN16UXCM board supports cross-connect grooming of ODUk (k = 0, 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4, or flex) signals and VC-4/VC-12/VC-3 signals and packet switching of Ethernet services. The maximum grooming capability is 640 Gbit/s (the capability is increased to 1.28T in V100R007C02).

Cross-connection level of the services on the TOM board
ODUk cross-connections are configured on the TOM board. For details about the service grooming mode in each scenario, see the multimedia in "Logical Ports" in the product documentation.

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