Cause why no data is displayed on a tester for the test frames on the THA or TOA board


When the client-side service type is GE(GFP-T), the GE service encapsulation mode needs to be changed to GFP-T.

Other related questions:
Whether the THA or TOA board supports test frames
The THA and TOA boards support test frames when GE(GFP-T) services are received on the client side.

Whether the THA and TOA boards support tributary-line mode
No. The THA and TOA boards do not support tributary-line mode. Only the TOM board supports tributary-line mode.

Whether the THA board supports PRBS testing
When the THA board carries STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, STM-16/OC-48, and OTU1 services, it supports PRBS testing on the client side.

Whether there is a dedicated tester to test GE services of WDM equipment
Yes, the SMART Bits tester can be used for the test.

Introduction to test data clearing of OceanStor ReplicationDirector
After tests are conducted, you must clear the test data generated in the disaster recovery system and restore the disaster recovery environment to facilitate future fault recovery or planned migration. Test data clearing is performed only in the disaster recovery management system at the disaster recovery site.

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