Whether a TQX board mapping FC800 into ODU2 can be interconnected with another TQX board mapping FC800 into ODUflex


No, they cannot. This is because they have different mapping paths.

Other related questions:
Boards supporting FC800 services
The TQX, TDX, and LOA boards support FC800 services.

Whether the TQX board supports ALS
Yes, the TQX board supports ALS. After ALS is enabled, when a fault occurs on the client or WDM side, the laser on the optical port in the corresponding transmit direction will be turned off. The laser will be recovered after signals in the receive direction are restored to normal. With the ALS function enabled, fault information can be sent to notify client equipment of the link status. By default, ALS is enabled on boards.

Support for FC800 services by boards on OSN 6800
On OSN 6800, the following boards support FC800 services: LOA, TDX, TQX, and TN17LTX.

Direct connection of the TQX board to a device that provides a GE port
The TQX board uses a 10GE optical module and supports only 10GE services. It does not support autonegotiation of GE services. Therefore, the TQX board cannot be directly connected to a device that provides a GE port.

Precautions for provisioning 10GE services on the TQX board
Appropriately select service types and line board service modes.

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