Private line service


Private line services are classified into EPL and EVPL services, both of which are P2P services over communication channels between two parties. An EPL service exclusively uses network resources, while different EVPL services share network resources.

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Can users make outgoing calls through private lines configured for the U1900 if these users are not configured with private lines?

Private network services
EPLAN and EVPLAN are multipoint-to-multipoint (MP2MP) services but they can provide P2MP services. They are used to establish communication channels between multiple organizations. An EPLAN service exclusively uses network resources, while different EVPLAN services share the same network resources.

How to configure a dedicated line for analog users on the OSU board of the U1900?
1. Log in to the web UI, choose User > POTS User, and configure a dedicated line for a port of the corresponding board. 2. You can also configure a dedicated line using commands. For example, you can run the config modify subscriber directdial dn 2800 slot 0 portinboard 1 command to bind user 2800 to port 1 in slot 0 of the OSU board to form a dedicated line.

How to configure the PBX group line selection service on U1980
For details, see Operation and Maintenance > Operation Guide > Valued-Added Service > PBX Group Line Selection Service in the U1980 product documentation.

Configuring users in a way that they can access only the HQ intranet through a private line but not the Internet on the USG2000 and USG5000 series
Configure a security policy to permit access to the desired destination network segment and block all others.

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