Whether LOA boards support STM-16 services, and mapping path if STM-16 services are supported


In ODU1 non-convergence mode, LOA boards can receive STM-16 services. They map STM-16 services into ODU1 services.

Other related questions:
Whether a THA board can receive STM-16 services
Yes, a THA board can receive STM-16 services. At the time point, Service Type of the board is set to STM-16, the Service Mode is set to Client Mode, and Port Working Mode of the corresponding port is set to ODU1 non-convergence mode (Any->ODU1).

Requirement for a WDM board to receive STM-4 services and service boards supporting STM-4 services
To receive STM-4 services, the WDM board must support STM-4 services. The following service boards support STM-4 services: LDM, LQM, TOA, THA, TOM, TQM, and LOA.

WDM boards that support STM-4 services
The following WDM service boards support STM-4 services: LDM, LQM, TOA, TOM, and TQM.

Reason of the failure to select TN54TOA board ports during E2E STM-16 service configuration on the board
You need to set the working mode for the TN54TOA board. In the window for configuring the working mode of the board, specify the port working mode of the specific channel. Then, you can configure services properly.

Restrictions on optical port selection when the TN52TOM board receives four STM-16 services
You are advised to use the TX1/RX1, TX3/RX3, TX5/RX5, and TX7/RX7 optical ports of the TN52TOM board to facilitate fiber insertion and removal.

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