LSC functions


The LSC board is a type of optical transponder board. It applies to a coherent system, maps one 100GE or OTU4 optical signal received on the client side into one OTU4 signal, and performs conversion between an OTU4 signal and an optical signal carried over an ITU-T compliant WDM wavelength.

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Thresholds and handling methods for the BEFFEC alarm reported by the LSC boards on OSN 8800
If the pre-FEC BER of a 100G LSC board at the local site is 4 and the BEFFEC alarm is reported, the processing method is as follows: When the receive optical power of the IN port on the WDM side of the LSC board is normal (PIN: �?6 to 0), the receive light flatness at the local site needs to be adjusted. Ensure that the difference between the receive light flatness values of a 100G wavelength and a 10G wavelength is within 2 dB and decrease the attenuation of the optical port of the 100G wavelength on the transmit-end M40V board at the peer site by 1�? dB. Improve the receive optical power of the 100G wavelength at the local site compared with the receive optical power of other 10G wavelengths to reduce the pre-FEC BER and clear the BEFFEC alarm.

Functions of Oozie
Oozie is an open source workflow engine that is used to schedule and coordinate Hadoop jobs.

RAID function
The function of RAID is as follows: 1. Improving data reliability 2. Providing data read and write performance

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