Whether OTN equipment supports tangent ring networking


Yes, OTN equipment supports tangent ring networking.

Other related questions:
Supported protection schemes at the OTN layer of Huawei OTN equipment
The following protection schemes are supported at the OTN layer of Huawei OTN equipment: client 1+1 protection, intra-board 1+1 protection, OLP, ODUk SNCP, tributary SNCP, and ODUK SPRing.

Whether ERPS supports multi-ring network applications
ERPS V1 supports only single-ring network applications while ERPS V2 supports multi-ring network applications.

Products included in OTN equipment
Currently, Huawei OTN devices include OSN 1800, OSN 3800, OSN 6800, OSN 8800, and OSN 9800.

Latency measurement supported by some boards on OTN equipment
To support the latency measurement function, the specified NMS license must be available. In addition, not all boards support the online latency measurement function. The following lists R007C02SPC300 boards that support online latency monitoring: 1. 2.5G tributary boards: TN54TOA, TN54THA, and TN54TOG 2. 10G tributary boards: TN57TOA, TN53TQX, TN53TDX, TN55TQX, TN57TQX, TN55TOX, and TN54TTX 3. 10G OTU boards: TN11LOA and TN14LSX 4. 100G tributary boards: TN54TSC

Whether service provisioning is affected if a synchronous device is added to an OTN ring of an asynchronous system
A synchronous system and an asynchronous system can be interconnected with each other.

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