Full name of the LSQ board


LSQ is a type of 40 Gbit/s wavelength conversion board.
It maps one client-side STM-256, OC-768, or OTU3 optical signal into one ITU.T G.694.1–compliant OTU3 signal.

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Full name of the THA board
The THA board is a type of 16 any-rate port service processing board.

Full name of HFEC and SDFEC
HFEC means hard-decision FEC, and SDFEC means soft-decision FEC, as shown below: HFEC: High Performance Forward Error Correction SDFEC: Soft Decision Forward Error Correction

Whether coherent 40G boards require dispersion compensation, and dispersion tolerance of the LSQ board
No dispersion compensation is required for coherent 40G boards, and the dispersion tolerance of the LSQ board (non-coherent) is ±800 ps/nm.

Full name of ITU-T Y.1731
The full name of ITU-T Y.1731 is "OAM functions and mechanisms for Ethernet based networks".

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