Whether the OSN 6800 records power insufficiency of the external power supply


If the external power supply of the OSN 6800 has insufficient power, the voltage usually drops. You can determine whether the power is insufficient by checking for power abnormality alarms on the NE.

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Power supply requirements of the OSN 6800 subracks
Standard operating voltage: �?8 V to �?0 V DC Operating voltage range: �?8 V DC: �?0 V to �?7.6 V �?0 V DC: �?8 V to �?2 V Rated current (�?8 V): 25 A

Method used to back up the power supply for the OSN 6800
Two PIU boards supply power to the system in hot backup mode. When either of the two PIU boards becomes faulty, the subrack can still function properly.

What problems are caused by insufficient power supply?
Possible problems are as follows: ICR cameras continuously switch between day and night modes. Images captured by infrared cameras appear blackish. Water ripples occur on video images. Cameras restart repeatedly.

PoE power supply priority on an S series switch with insufficient power
For an S series with insufficient power, if the PoE power supply priority is not set, the switch first provides power for a device connected to an interface with a smaller interface number.

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