Impact if the ST2 board of the OSN 8800 is inserted into an extended OSN 6800 subrack due to insufficient slot resources


Normal optical monitoring can be implemented, but the IEEE 1588v2 feature is affected. In general, no STG board is required on the OSN 6800. If the IEEE 1588v2 function is required, STG boards need to be configured on the OSN 6800.

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Whether an ST2 board intended for an OSN 8800 subrack can be installed in an OSN 6800 subrack
An ST2 board intended for OSN 8800 can be used in an OSN 6800 subrack. To use the clock function of an ST2 board, the ST2 board must be inserted to the subrack equipped with clock boards.

Whether the ST2 boards intended for OSN 8800 devices can be installed in OSN 6800 subracks
The ST2 boards intended for OSN 8800 devices can be installed in OSN 6800 subracks. To use the clock function of the ST2 boards, the ST2 boards must be installed in subracks that are equipped with clock boards.

Principles for configuring the ST2 board in the OptiX OSN 8800 T64 subrack
The ST2 board is optional for an OptiX OSN 8800 T64 subrack and is configured based on service requirements. It receives, processes, and transmits two OSC signals in the east and west directions. In addition, it can process IEEE 1588v2 synchronous clock signals and transparently transmit two FE signals. The ST2 board is not recommended for the networks where the ROP board, Raman board, HBA board, or optical-layer ASON is used. In such a network, the SC1 or SC2 board is recommended.

Insertion of TDM boards into OSN 8800 master/slave subracks
Not all boards can be inserted to master/slave subracks. Project A in country I is used as an example. In the engineering design phase of this project, there are too many SLH14 fibers. To facilitate fiber maintenance, two SLH41 boards cannot be inserted into adjacent slots and SLH41 boards cannot be inserted in slots at the edge of a subrack. For services with heavy traffic, SLH41 boards can be installed in two subracks in master/slave mode. According to the feedback from field engineers, no SLH41 board can be queried on the NMS. There are restrictions on subracks for housing boards that support packet/SDH services.

Slots that can house the NQ2 board in an OSN 6800 subrack
On the OSN 6800, all service slots can house the NQ2 board. The NQ2 board can occupy 40G bandwidth in slot 1, 4, 11, or 14 (the slots are 40G slots), and can occupy only 20G bandwidth in any other service slots.

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