Whether the OSN 8800 supports 2.5G boards


The following boards can be used as 2.5G boards on the OSN 8800: TOA, TOM, and LWX. Among the boards, TOA and TOM boards are tributary boards and electrical cross-connections need to be configured to corresponding line boards.

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Whether the OSN 8800 TOA board can receive eight 2.5G services
The TOA board can perform mutual conversion between eight ODU1 electrical signals and eight optical signals at rates ranging from 1.49 Gbit/s to 2.67 Gbit/s.

Whether the ELOM board on OSN 1800 supports 2.5G signals
The ELOM board on OSN 1800 supports 2.5G signals.

Whether the OSN 8800 supports 100G boards
Yes, the OSN 8800 supports 100G boards such as LSC and LTX.

Whether OptiX OSN 8800 supports 10G boards
Yes. 10G OTU boards, tributary boards, and line boards are all available in OptiX OSN 8800.

Whether the ETMXS board is a 2.5G board
The ETMXS board is an OTU. The four STM-16/OC-48/OTU1 optical signals received on the client side are multiplexed into one OTU2 signal. The board can concurrently receive two types of services and convert the received optical signals into optical signals carried over a standard wavelength compliant with ITU-T G.694.1.

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