Does an AR router support QinQ


The following AR series routers support QinQ:

Create a sub-interface on the CE interface of the device, and run the qinq termination pe-vid ce-vid command to configure the two-tag packet termination feature on the sub-interface.

Other related questions:
Does the AR router support the NAT function
All Huawei AR routers support NAT.

Support for NQA on the AR router
All AR series routers support NQA, without the license.

From which version does the AR router support 80211ac
Currently, the AR does not support 802.11ac.

Does the switch support QinQ
The S2700EI supports only basic QinQ configured using the port link-type dot1q-tunnel command, and does not support selective QinQ configured using the port vlan-stacking vlan command. The S2700SI does not support basic QinQ or selective QinQ. Other models support both basic QinQ and selective QinQ.

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