Whether it is normal that the STAT and PROG indicators are steady on after the TN52SCC board in the OSN 6800 undergoes database erasing and DIP switch setting and goes online


Yes. This symptom is normal.

Other related questions:
Whether TN52SCC boards can be installed in a slave OSN 6800 subrack
Yes, they can.

Issues about the replacement of 51SCC and 11SCC boards by 52SCC boards
The 52SCC board can substitute for the 51SCC board in the versions later than, but they cannot mutually back up each other for a long period of time.

Whether 52SCC boards can be used to substitute for 51SCC and 11SCC boards
For an OSN 6800 whose version is later than, the 52SCC board can be used to substitute for the 51SCC board. However, the two types of boards cannot work in active/standby mode for a long time.

Meanings of the STAT indicator on OSN equipment
If the STAT indicator of a board is steady green, the board is working properly. If the STAT indicator is off, the board is not powered on. If the indicator is steady red, the board is faulty or a board hardware mismatch occurs. In addition, the STAT indicator and the SRV indicator have different service responsibilities. According to descriptions provided by R&D engineers, service alarms are indicated by the SRV indicator, and other alarms are indicated by the STAT indicator, such as power supply alarms, temperature alarms, communication exception alarms, and alarms indicating absence of optical modules. This is a unified feature of OSN equipment. For example, if an optical port is vacant on an SLQ16 board, the STAT indicator on the board is steady red. If an EOS board has a high temperature alarm, the STAT indicator on the board is also steady red. Suggestion and conclusion: If the STAT indicator on a board is red, you cannot determine that the board is faulty. Instead, you must check the alarm and fault on the board in detail.

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