Basis for OLP protection switching of the OSN 8800


OLP supports manual switching and automatic switching. Automatic OLP switching is performed based on the Variance Threshold Between Primary and Secondary Input Optical Power (dB) parameter value configured on the NMS.

Other related questions:
WTR period of OLP protection
The OLP board supports optical line protection, intra-board 1+1 protection, and client 1+1 protection. If the reversion mode is revertive, the default WTR period is 10 minutes.

Method used to query the working status of an OLP protection group on the OSN 8800
On the U2000, select an NE. In the NE Explorer, choose Configuration > Port Protection from the navigation tree. Query the values of Working Channel Status and Protection Channel Status.

Requirement on the switching time of protection on the OLP board of the OSN 6800
The switching time of protection on the OLP board should be within 50 ms.

Whether TN12OLP03 boards can implement OLP protection in the OSN 6800
TN12OLP03 boards support single-mode optical fibers and mainly apply to scenarios with large optical power values. The TN12OLP03 boards support client 1+1 protection, intra-board 1+1 protection, and OLP protection.

Principle and protected object of ODUk SNCP protection in the OSN 8800
ODUk SNCP protection is a type of linear protection implemented using the dual feeding and selective receiving function. ITUT-T G.873.1 defines it as a linear OTN protection for ODUk services. Usually, one tributary board and two line boards are required to configure ODUk SNCP protection and implement dual feeding and selective receiving.

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