Laser hazard level of the THA board


The laser hazard level of the THA board is HAZARD LEVEL 1, indicating that the maximum output optical power of a port on the board is less than 10 dBm (10 mW).

Other related questions:
Whether the THA and TOA boards support tributary-line mode
No. The THA and TOA boards do not support tributary-line mode. Only the TOM board supports tributary-line mode.

Full name of the THA board
The THA board is a type of 16 any-rate port service processing board.

Whether the THA board supports PRBS testing
When the THA board carries STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, STM-16/OC-48, and OTU1 services, it supports PRBS testing on the client side.

Whether the THA board support IEEE 1588v2
When the THA board carries GE services and the encapsulation mode is GFP-T which corresponds to GE(GFP-T) on the NMS, the following modes are supported for clock signal transmission: TC, TC+OC, BC, and OC. Note that the TX8/RX8 and TX16/RX16 optical ports do not support IEEE 1588v2.

Method used to shut down a board laser
Select the desired board in the NE Explorer. Choose Configuration > WDM Interface from the navigation tree. Select By Board/Port(Channel) and choose Channel from the drop-down list. On the Basic Attributes tab, double-click Laser Status of the desired optical port, and then select Enable or Disable from the drop-down list to change the laser status.

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