Relationship between SDI and SD-SDI


SDI is short for serial digital interface. According to the SMPTE 259M standard, an SDI is also called an SD-SDI.

Other related questions:
Can the SDI camera connect to the TE40?
The TE40 does not provide the SDI port. To connect the SDI camera to the TE40, the SDI-HDMI cable is required. It is recommended that a test be conducted onsite.

What is the valid distance of the video output cable for ViewPoint 9000 series endpoints?
ViewPoint 9000 series endpoints provide the DVI and SDI ports. The valid distance of the DVI cable is 13 meters, and the valid distance of the SDI cable is 60 meters.

Whether the Huawei ViewPoint 9030 supports SDI signal access
The Huawei ViewPoint 9030 does not support SDI signal access. It supports the DVI/YpbPr/VGA access.

Does the VPC620/VPC600 provide the SDI port?
The VPC620 provides the SDI port. The VPC600 does not provide the SDI port.

Can VPC620 provide SDI and HDVI output signals concurrently?
The SDI and HDVI interfaces of VPC620 can provide video concurrently.

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