Cause why a "G.657A2 fiber only" label is attached on the TSC board


If TSC boards are installed in Huawei cabinets, G.657A2 fibers must be used on the TSC boards to prevent fibers from being squeezed by cabinet doors. If no cabinet doors are used or the TSC boards are installed in third-party cabinets, there are no limitations on fiber types.

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Cause for the BD_STATUS alarm on multiple boards when the AUX board is faulty
The AUX board implements cascading between master and slave subracks (implementing inter-subrack communication). Therefore, if the AUX board is faulty, multiple boards will become offline. You can reset or replace the AUX board to clear the BD_STATUS alarm.

Cause why some boards need to use G.657A2 fibers
A G.657A2 fiber uses a short jacket. Some boards have small optical port slopes (that is, egress optical ports are flat). G.657A2 fibers are used on these boards so that the fibers are not squeezed by cabinet doors. The fiber type is not limited if no cabinet door is used or fibers will not be squeezed by doors of third-party cabinets.

Meaning of the label on the pigtail of an NS2 board on an OSN 6800
The contents of the label on a pigtail are as follows: Subrack IDs of the source and sink ports �?slot ID �?board name �?port.

Cause why a reset of the AUX board on the NMS does not take effect
The AUX board does not have a CPU and it cannot execute the command issued by the NMS.

Meanings of the yellow labels attached to the first four disks in a storage device
The yellow labels on the four disks indicate that the four disks are coffer disks. Coffer disks are used to store cache data and configuration information. Coffer disks can serve as RAID member disks alone or together with non-coffer disks.

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