Method used to calculate the optical cable attenuation between WDM equipment


The attenuation of an optical cable between WDM equipment can be calculated using the following formula:
Optical cable attenuation = Difference between the transmit optical power of one OA board and the receive optical power of the peer OA board �?(Insertion loss of the two FIU boards in the middle + Attenuation of the optical attenuator)

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Alarm threshold query for optical modules on WDM equipment
Run the :cfg-get-almth:bid,port,path,th-type command to query the alarm threshold. The th-typeb field indicates the alarm threshold type.

Difference between conventional WDM equipment and OTN equipment
Both of them use the DWDM technology. The difference between them lies in that OTN equipment can achieve electrical cross-connection scheduling for various types of services.

Method used to obtain the attenuation of the optical cable between two sites based on optical power
You can calculate the attenuation roughly using the following formula: Attenuation of the optical cable between two sites = (Transmit optical power of the OA board at the transmit-end site �?Receive optical power of the OA board at the receive-end site) �?Insertion loss of the FIU boards at both ends

Method used to determine whether optical fiber connections are correct between a router and a WDM board on the client-side of WDM equipment
Disable the ALS function for the client-side laser of the WDM board and enable the laser to forcibly emit light. If the optical port on the router receives optical signals, the optical fiber in the transmit direction is correctly connected. Stop the router from emitting light. If the WDM board reports an R_LOS alarm, the optical fiber in the receive direction is correctly connected.

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