Service access capability of the LOG board


As an 8 x GE service convergence wavelength conversion board, the LOG board can converge eight GE services into one OTU2 service.

Other related questions:
Whether services need to be configured on ELOG and LOG boards to enable links
Services do not need to be configured on the E8ELOG board. GE services need to be configured on E1/E3ELOG and LOG boards.

Cross-connect capability of the TN16UXCM board
The TN16UXCM board supports cross-connect grooming of ODUk (k = 0, 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4, or flex) signals and VC-4/VC-12/VC-3 signals and packet switching of Ethernet services. The maximum grooming capability is 640 Gbit/s (the capability is increased to 1.28T in V100R007C02).

Service access capabilities and method used to process client services in ODU1 convergence mode
TOA, THA, and TOM boards support ODU1 convergence mode. In this mode, each ODU1 signal is divided into 16 timeslots, each of which occupies 155 Mbit/s bandwidth. Client services are sliced into 155 Mbit/s fragments and mapped into ODU1 signals. In this way, multiple low-rate services are converged into one ODU1 signal, improving bandwidth usage. For example, GE services occupy 7 timeslots, STM-1 services occupy 1 timeslot, and FC100 services occupy 6 timeslots. All the preceding services can be transmitted together in one ODU1 signal.

Cross-connection scheduling capabilities supported by ND2 boards
The service scheduling capabilities vary according to the versions of ND2 boards. The details are as follows: TN11ND2/TN12ND2: 8 x ODU1, 2 x ODU2, 2 x ODU2e TN52ND2T01/TN52ND2T02/TN52ND201M01: 16 x ODU0, 8 x ODU1, 2 x ODU2, 2 x ODU2e TN52ND2T04/TN53ND2/TN57ND2: 16 x ODU0, 8 x ODU1, 4 x ODUflex, 2 x ODU2, 2 x ODU2e

Introduction to OceanStor 9000 high-performance access
OceanStor 9000 provides high-performance service access capabilities, and uses key technologies, such as global cache, high-speed interconnection, concurrent access, and SSD acceleration. OceanStor 9000 provides high-bandwidth, low-latency, and high-concurrency service access capabilities. OceanStor 9000 performance increases linearly as the number of nodes increases, meeting requirements for high-performance applications.

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